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Is Your Kitchen the Soul of Your Home?

Before you choose cabinetry for your kitchen, consider the function of the kitchen in your family’s daily life.

Most kitchens take on a variety of roles. There’s food preparation and cooking of course, but the kitchen is often: a space for entertaining, your children’s art museum, a place for friends and family to gather, and a home office (often a place to pay the bills).

Can you picture your children doing their homework while you put on your chef’s hat or clean up after dinner?

At Manor House Kitchens, or goal is to deliver the kitchen of your dreams, but also a kitchen of warmth and welcoming design.

  • Traditional and cutting-edge designs from only the best cabinetry makers.
  • In-house sourcing for granite counter tops from “The Granite Factory.”
  • Our cabinets, counters, and hardware both delight the eye and set the mood.
  • We provide complete design, optimizing your kitchen space to compliment your family’s lifestyle.

Whether your project involves new construction, remodeling, or just an upgrade, you owe it to your family to work with the company that knows a kitchen is more than a showroom. It’s a fundamental space you return to again and again, from morning to night, and may well be the soul of your living space.

Trust Manor House Kitchens to get it right.  Call us today at 412-366-4007, or visit one of our three locations at Greensburg, Holiday Park, or North Hills.


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At Manor House, we deliver the best for your home. Your new kitchen is an essential living space, and we can help you make it a welcoming environment ready for the daily work of feeding your family and the daily hustle of family life. If your kitchen is the soul of your home, doesn’t it deserve the very best. Come to Manor House Kitchens. .

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